Fun Facts About Iran

Iran is also called Persia and officially known referred to the Islamic Republic of Iran. This western Asia country hosts a population of about 81 million people and is the second largest country in the Middle East and 17th in the world. Its capital city is known as Tehran. This country still flourishes in its cultural heritage which is spread out throughout the country.

Here are some interesting facts about Iran you ought to know:

1. The name Iran or Persia has a rich meaning of the land of the Aryans which was derived from the ancient times of the Proto-Iranian term Aryana.

2. The widespread cultural heritage of the country is certainly one of its definition. This country bears an Islamic heritage which is quite rich on the basis of clothing, food and even the type of buildings and structures. Females over the age of nine are to wear hijab throughout.

3. Carpet exports from Iran have been recognized by the country to be the second largest commodity. They are quite a masterpiece and have earned the country a significant amount of capital as they are highly demanded all over the world.

4. Geographically, the country is mountainous and hence this attracts a number of tourism activities. Other than the mountainous aspect of it the land is blessed with quite a large number of oil reserves which generates quite a huge amount of money for the country. This led Iran to belong among the league of energy superpowers.

5. The Iranian land is home to quite a number of animals which are native to the country. Some of these animals are Caspian Horse, Asiatic Cheetah and crocodiles. This country was previously home to Iranian Tigers which were hunted down leading to extinction.

6. Customs practices are deeply rooted in Iran. Some of the customs still practiced in Iran is that girls are married off just after. Secondly, men who do not get married have a name attached to them which is na-mard which translates to not-man. Thirdly another fun fact about Iran is that due to its custom being preserved people are forbidden to wear neckties this is to evade the western invasion off their customs. Lastly, women are forbidden to wear bathing suits in front of men and watching sport matches.

7. Iran proudly boasts to have established the earliest windmills known. These windmills as they were from old times they resembled large wheeled paddles. Through this invention, Iran becomes one of the earliest countries to recognize the potential in wind energy and hence become a pioneer in it.

8. The Iranian flag is another interesting fact about Iran. This representation of the country has an equal horizontal width which is quite a unique feature. The flag bears a green color which is the color of Islam and represents growth. White symbolizes honesty and peace in the country whereas red is symbolic for bravery and martyrdom. Lastly, the flag has a white band which is a stylized representation of the word Allah and a quote of “la ilaha illa Allah” which is in the shape of a tulip – know more about famous cities in iran.

9. The rich cultural heritage and custom practices of the countries were recognized by UNESCO as the 21st UNESCO World heritage sites. This is the largest of the Asian countries. This recognition has led to the citizens appreciating and preserving their heritage and customs keenly.

10. Of the about 80 million inhabitants of the country, 90-95 percent of this are Twelver Shia Islam which is the state language. However, the largest population out of Israel in the middle east lives also in Iran.